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Is Obesity a Disease?

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  • +10 +23 -13 Jake Mar. 10, 2016
    "Obesity is a disease that we have always known the cure for: eating less calories than you burn. The symptoms of obesity are just as detrimental to a person's body as cancer in the long run, yet we continue to sit idly by and watch our waistlines expand."
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  • +1 +21 -20 jace kang Mar. 20, 2015
    "I think it is a real problem all over the world"
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    • 0 0 0 king james jefferson Dec. 6, 2016
      "same dude that's also my opinion"
  • 0 0 0 Julie Shrive Jan. 3, 2019
    "I had been skinny till pubity, had sporty parents & normal sized sister .My Father was medical - pharmacist & believed it was genetic on both sides of family where there is insulin diabetes, low thyroids , hormonal imbalances as well as heart, cancers & vascular dementia & many autoimmune conditions .

    With primary cellulitus from birth Since pubity at 9 yrs have had problems yet dieted continuously from age of 9 with the dreaded roll on with swimming & badminton .

    What took hold was what I know now to be primary lipo-lymphoedema stage 2 diagnosed 2 yrs ago for which the only treatment is blocked by non specialist GPs they employ sitting on CCG panels of LAs pretending it is cosmetic??!"
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  • 0 0 0 Brendan Healy Dec. 5, 2018
    "main idea: Obesity has become a problem to many americans all over the country and is a disease that is affecting the way w live our lives"
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  • 0 +6 -6 Dr, Francis Mar. 16, 2017
    "Obesity is deranged storage of fats and hampers the smooth functioning of the body organs just like diabetes. ha"
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  • 0 +8 -8 Jaz Feb. 19, 2017
    "Obesity is the root of all diseases thus being the main disease that gives those a higher risk of developing more diseases. It is also a genetic issue, and impairs many body functions."
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  • 0 +68 -68 hannah Nov. 21, 2013
    ""I really do belive that its a disease. Maybe not a physical disease but but a mental one."obesity is a deisease because it impares bodily function as well as certain other side effects. it can be a disease to some that have fast metabolisms and some are slower. The slower the persons metabolism the more fat they will gain.i beileve it is a desease to the mind."
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    • +3 +6 -3 Bryan Jun. 7, 2014
      "No Obesity is your lack of self control! You're right, being "skinny" doesn't mean I will never become fat, but maintaining my healthy lifestyle does! It works for EVERYONE, Try it!"
    • -8 0 -8 Tristin May. 6, 2014
      "Obesity is a bad disease just because you people are skinny doent mean nothing u need to judge your self before you go judging other people about ther weight so remmeber just because you aint fat doesnt mean u never will be"
  • -1 0 -1 john Jan. 17, 2019
    "Thanks for sharing this information regarding stress. I really found this very helpful. For sharing these health tips with us will say you are giving great tips for health, these tips definitely help people suffering from stress or having lack of sleep to get rid over great work keep doing."
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  • -1 +7 -8 Jacqueline May. 30, 2016
    "I don't know exactly if is pro or not. But for me being a person that all her life suffer obesity , is not a disease but an addiction. I usually compare me as an alcoholic, having the same habits. If you take off alcohol to them , inmediat they are grumpy as an obes take their food."
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    • 0 0 0 9ffjrk Apr. 7, 2017
      "So, what your'e saying is that obesity isn't a disease."
    • 0 0 0 Patricia Mar. 9, 2017
      "Jacqueline, I think you are right. Obesity is the result of food addiction. As an example milk chocolate is addictive because it tastes so nice. I have trained myself to eat only 85% dark chocolate. The lack of sugar in this dark chocolate means that it is not addictive, and one square is enough to get that strong chocolate flavour. I definitely find that food laden with sugar and tasty salt to be 'more-ish' and I find it hard to stop. So I also avoid white flour products because they are shaped into delicious crackers, biscuits, cakes and bread. I cut down on starches and sugars. I do eat some brown rice sometimes. I try and eat more protein and vegies.

      By trimming food with sugar and starches I have been able to lower weight. I occasionally starve myself and follow the 5:2 diet. I exercise because that helps my motivation to keep on track. Now, I am able to walk faster and my knee arthritis doesn't hurt.

      Bottom line is 'put yourself first'."
  • -2 +5 -7 J Mariani Jun. 29, 2017
    "By any definition of the word, obesity is a disease. Even if it was entirely the result of a poor lifestyle, it' still a disease."
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  • -2 +3 -5 Carmen Vazquez May. 31, 2017
    "I believe overweight is a decease. In my personal experience, my BIM was 32 with a weight of 130 pounds when I was 25 year old,year later I be diagnosed with hypothyroid problems and is very had for me not to gain weight. I eat healthy food in good portions and make exercises, with limitations because of my condition, I felt exhausted big part of the time. Other reason is that the food industry is not taking care of what is available for the people to eat. Bad quality food in america is the big cause of obesity in the country. Obesity is similar to cancer, the cigar industry had no control and people get sick of cancer. but the result (cancer) is a deadly disease, the same with bad food. Bad food and poor habits and other health issues can cause obesity and can became in complications that can be deadly too."
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    • 0 0 0 Dr. Goodlife Jul. 9, 2017
      "You refuse to accept personal responsibility. I have many patients who like you have thyroid issues. We do not use that as an excuse."
  • -2 +6 -8 Emma Apr. 10, 2017
    "There are many reasons why obesity is a disease. The three most popular reasons are that obesity is the definition for disease. Another reason is it can decrease a persons life span. And lastly Physicians have been calling obesity a disease since early 17th century. First of all obesity is a disease because it is the definition of disease. And the definition states that obesity causes impairment, and increase the harm and morbidly of the body. In other word it is saying obesity is a disease. Disease can lead to health issues like obesity and other things. Another reason why obesity is a disease is that it decreases a persons life span. In 2010 Lancet Meta was studying obesity to see if it affected a persons life span and it did by 10 years. It really did shorter a persons life span by 10 years. This is not healthy because people want to live for as long as possible and if you have this disease (obesity) you may lose 10 years of your life span. Lastly obesity is a disease because is the early 17th century to know obesity has been called a disease by physicians. Thomas Sydenhamham was a physician and he explained that when a excess amount to what may be a disease be a termed of OBESITY [fat] is not only itself it's a disease."
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  • -2 +8 -10 Wayne Knapp Nov. 18, 2016
    "There are many causes of obesity, excessive consumption of food is just one of them. Additionally just because a disease is caused by a behavior doesn't mean it isn't a disease. Lung cancer is caused by smoking, cirrhosis of the liver is caused by drinking, malaria can be avoided by not living in certain area and so forth. Behaviors are often just triggers of disease.

    Babies are not born overweight and toddlers are now becoming obese. Do these babies overeat and not exercise enough? Give someone insulin and they gain weight and many other drugs can cause people to gain weight even if they don't overeat. Then there is the excessive amounts of sugars poured into process foods. Too many calories from fructose found in refined sugars causes fatty liver disease and the accumulation of visceral fat even if a person isn't overeating by the amount of calories.

    Yes obesity can be caused by poor behavior but so can many other diseases. Obesity also has many factors that contributed to it just like many other diseases. Obesity can also make life miserable just like many other diseases. Face it very few would choose to be obese. There is no doubt it is a disease."
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  • -2 +11 -13 Billy Apr. 23, 2014
    "obesity is a disease it is brought upon ones health due to bad habits and if not treated or taken care of it can kill . Obesity is both mentally hurting and physical hurting."
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  • -2 +13 -15 Swaggy Boy Mar. 31, 2014
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    • +3 +4 -1 BIASFSAIPGGHQSP Feb. 18, 2015
      "why do you just say yes? if you cant give us a reason that it is a disease then you must not know if it is or not because you said a simple answer without evidence"
    • +2 +3 -1 Yoshi Feb. 18, 2015
      "please add more details"
  • -3 +6 -9 fox May. 15, 2015
    "I personally know a gal who is eating 1500 cals a day. Walking more, changing her life habits. She is very obese. She is losing weight very can this be? She has changed her whole lifestyle to lose weight and be healthier and her weight is barely moving. Why is it such a struggle for her compared to another,? This is not a chosen body. She has given up fast food. She is embarrassed to be in public. And people who are con , when they see her, think she doesn't try. I've never seen anyone try so hard. This is a disease. Not a choice. What makes it worse? Unlike alcohol, tobacco or drugs, you need food to's always there. So there has to be psychological issues as well. Did you know certain medications or illnesses cause obesity? Some people have to take steroids to live. Those meds keep inflammation at bay, like Crohn s disease. Steroids cause weight gain and fluid build-up. I met a lady who looked pregnant and put my foot in my mouth. Her medications are causing her big stomachs."
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  • -3 +6 -9 fox May. 15, 2015
    "Why is it, we have continually gained body mass, compared to sixty years ago? Perhaps physical activity is one reason. Another reason blasting loudly is we are eating different foods. Foods that are no longer naturally occurring. They have been added to as well as nutrient less healthy. Some processed foods make you feel less full. So binging results to get a satisfied feeling. There are also environmental factors that challenge the physiological processing of our bodies. Theories are being suggested that some of the population has destroyed good bacteria, that was there to ensure the food broke down in a body healthy way from ,say 50 years ago.there are studies being conducted now, on twins as well as mice.something is wrong. A personal note, I was recently diagnosed with a gene mutation. How many more mutations are out there causing our bodies the 50s, you didn't see this amount of body fat. You have to know there are factors causing this. People do not desire to be fat."
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    • 0 0 0 Jake Mar. 10, 2016
      "A calorie is a calorie. The type of food people consume may lead to other unwanted side effects, but if they eat within their caloric allowance it would be physically impossible for them to gain a single pound of fat."
    • 0 0 0 Dick Henning Jun. 5, 2015
      "I agree with a lot of what you say, but people today are eating huge portions of very bad food. There can be no denying that. I agree that there must be something going on with us being able to break down food, but I see people eat all sorts of non-food. I knew one guy (age 35) who said he never eats vegetables. That only leaves meat and fruit. As it turns out, he wasn't at all fat, but the point is that some people just don't eat any natural food. Fat people need to realize this and start eating healthy."
  • -3 +11 -14 Jacob Nov. 13, 2014
    "I think its painfully obvious that obesity is a disease. Is skin cancer not a disease? Of course it is. People choose not to wear sunscreen and then develop skin cancer. So what is the difference from someone choosing to eat what they want and not exercising thus developing obesity? The issue is not whether or not the person is at fault for developing this condition, but rather if this condition is worth the characterization of being referred to as a "disease". Which it most certainly is."
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    • +1 +1 0 Freddy Mar. 2, 2015
      "The difference between obesity and skin cancer is that with skin cancer, after developing it, you need to see a doctor to get it cured. With obesity though, all you need to do is go on a diet and go to the gym. You do NOT need medical assistance to stop being obese."
  • -3 +5 -8 A.A Oct. 3, 2014
    "I do agree that obesity is a disease because it is very harmful to the body and it can have very bad side effects,for example 3 year loss of life shorting a perons life spam by 10 years.Obesity can effect males and females in diffrent ways. Also this has to do with abnormal regulation of food intake many people have had joint replacement."
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  • -3 +7 -10 Swag Master Oct. 3, 2014
    "I believe that obesity is a disease because it's hard to maintain a balance to help preventing obesity and it's even harder to be treated well. Obesity have taken many lives before by shorten out your life span by 10 years estimated. Doctors have shows that about 300,000 deaths per year are due to obesity."
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    • +1 +1 0 Jenny Jan. 6, 2015
      "Obesity is not a disease, it's a problem that that person cause and they can fix it."
  • -3 +38 -41 jaquese n Oct. 16, 2013
    "i strongly beileve that obesity is a disease. people die every day from obesity. it is a sad topic and is mostly cause by us americans eating to many super sized big cheesyburgers. once in my life i weighed 587 pounds. i was living proof that obesity is a bad disease. there needs to be more cures to this shamful disease than hitting the gym or even taking their own lives. obesity is a disease and to all you haters out there that think that it not, once you weight 587 pounds you will reilize that obesity is a disease. all i can say to those obease people out there is hit the gym and lay off all those trips to mcdonalds. trust me it works"
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    • +2 +2 0 kora the explorer Feb. 19, 2016
      "People die every day by getting hit by cars... Does that make it a disease? I think not..."
  • -4 +4 -8 Ghull Mar. 13, 2017
    "is a disease yep it is so shush"
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  • -4 +8 -12 katrina stone Jan. 28, 2016
    ""Experts in their methods of targeting children, McDonald's uses some of children's most beloved characters, including Nemo, Tarzan, Winnie-the-Pooh, 101 Dalmatians, Furby and Beanie Babies, as well as collectible toys and gimmicks to peddle its high-calorie, low-nutrition Happy Meals. The rise of McDonald's and other fast junk food chains has paralleled the boom in children obesity as it has changed the diets of children, (who are encouraged to nag their parents for fast food).""
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  • -4 +7 -11 Hi Aug. 15, 2015
    "Obesity is a disease, because it impairs our body. Also, it make a higher risk to get a disease, not only side effects but also a serious type of disease. It might be true that obesity is not a life choice. Because if we have a busy time, if we don't have enough time to eat? We should eat fastfoods, so it might be true that it's not a life choice."
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  • -4 +4 -8 Kristy May. 21, 2015
    "obesity in today's society cannot be just labeled as laziness. there are people that cannot control their eating habits due to mental harm and emotional distress. if we think of a sort of spectrum there is anorexia and bulimia. so what is on the other side? Obesity! they have nearly the same mental factors but they are just opposites! Some people no matter how active they are cannot lose weight! this is a rampant disease that needs medical attention!

    alcoholism and drugs additions are diseases so why isn't obesity? The brain's reward system is triggered when we eat high sugar and salty food that releases chemicals that people can get addicted to.

    we need to stop criticizing people for something that they cannot control we need to give them help medically or supportive stuff!"
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  • -4 +21 -25 Chrissa Jan. 21, 2015
    "Smoking, alcoholism & heroin/drug addiction are all considered diseases and treatments can be covered by health insurance or can be had for free/cheap. People do not ostracize and berate people nearly as often, for these "diseases".
    Eating is different. We are allowed to constantly be bombarded by marketing for food. It is entwined in the very culture every one of us must live with. We need it to nurture ourselves and need it to exist.
    Now , despite all the disdain people carry, people are getting more obsese. Could it be society's obsession with food, our obsession with electronic gadgets(and penchant for letting them do more and more of our work for us)? Could it be things like high fructose corn syrup and all the genetically modified and/or processed foods that are loaded with sugar with names that make us overlook thew fact it is sugar? Is it genetics? Is it our upbringing/education/environment playing apart in obesity?

    Most likely it is a plethora of reasons combined. The result creates medical problems eventually. The truth is this is way beyond a question of willpower. Have you ever heard anyone say "sorry I cannot eat anymore simply because they chose to give up food"?"
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    • 0 0 0 Jimmy Corn Jun. 5, 2015
      "You or anyone else can claim that Smoking, alcoholism & heroin/drug addiction are diseases, but they are not. And same goes with obesity. So called diseases you mentioned are all caused by behavior, so is obesity. Why don't we all do large people a favor and let them know that it isn't okay to be fat. I work hard to maintain my weight. I think about it every waking moment. Shouldn't everyone else?"
  • -4 +7 -11 Tanvir Jan. 14, 2015
    "The pro section made me believe that obesity is a disease because of the approvals from many organizations such as the FDA"
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    • +1 +1 0 walt Jun. 25, 2015
      "The only reason it got those approvals was so that it can be paid for with medicare/medicaid, not because it's a disease."
  • -4 +9 -13 Vanessa C Oct. 3, 2014
    "I think that Obesity is a disease, eating too much can be dangerous to your health! There are proves that show us how we should eat healthy and do exercise because it can help."
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    • +1 +1 0 walt Jun. 25, 2015
      "There is no such thing as a disease that makes you choose to eat a lot. It's called free will. If you put the fork down and get a little exercise, you wont be fat."
  • -4 +5 -9 Piper Oct. 3, 2014
    "I agree that obsity is a disease because it can impair moblility and range in the knees and hips which is a long term effect. Also obesity can decrease a person life expesctancy at least 3 years. We also have evidence that as early as the 17th centery, they believed obesity was a disease."
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  • -4 +7 -11 John Richardson Oct. 3, 2014
    "Yes because obesity has the characteristics of being a disease. It can kill you and cause serious damage to your body just like a disease. It is commonly known today in this society and is becoming a global epidemic."
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  • -4 +8 -12 Tyna Jul. 18, 2014
    "I believe that obesity can be one of two things, your own body's metabolic burn rate, some of us burn own fuel faster than others. Two, the food sources you choose from. If we can afford to eat the healthy foods that we know are good for us and we have a slow burn rate then this helps to lose weight. on the other hand if one cannot afford to buy the healthy foods and has a slow burn rate and is eating what they can afford then, weight loss does not happen.

    And before we put it all on the people themselves our Government plays a hand in this as well with the FDA, they allow many things in our food which is not healthy for us as well.

    We have to look at the big picture and that is read, pay attention to what is in the foods you select at the store, make the best choices you can.

    Remember it is survival of the fittest in today's world and I am not just talking about weight.

    Genocide? or not. Food, economy, employment issues, you tell me."
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  • -4 +9 -13 broady :) Apr. 29, 2014
    "i do think it is a disease because my older sister had thiroid cancer and after 4 serguries and she had her thririiod taken out . before her thriod was takin out she was 120 puonds. than when her thriod was taken out she gained 43 ounds.... now she is taking medicane to control her wieght therfore it is an disease.. i am a girl and ik how some girls feel about their weight ..,...."
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  • -4 +10 -14 Marcos Mar. 22, 2014
    "I think Obesity is disease to the extent that if it starts to interfere with normal daily activities and makes things harder than they need to be. Also the fact that it puts you at risk for other things like high blood pressure gives more reason to want to avoid it."
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    • 0 0 0 walt Jun. 25, 2015
      "That's not what a disease is."
  • -4 +22 -26 Ali Jan. 9, 2014
    "Obesity cannot be about choice, it brings impairments to the body like any other disease, reduced stamina, complications such as heart disease and shorten lifespan for obese people, basically the way the people that say obesity is a choice is because there biggest argument is people eat unhealthy food and are inactive which increases chances of obesity, first eating unhealthy isnt the only thing to cause obesity, second, if obesity is a problem of choice, then lung cancer shouldn't be a disease because the choice of smoking can INCREASE the chances of have lung cancer."
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  • -4 +55 -59 faith Jul. 16, 2012
    "Being obese myself, I know its a disease. Maybe not a physical disease but but a mental one. I was diagnosed with Rhuematiod Arthritis and Polycysistic Ovarian Snydrome at age 18. At the time I was 300lbs, the doctors told me I probably sped up my diagnoses by being so over weight. But I couldn't help it. I was obsessed and addicted to food. I hated anything healthy. I was depressed, angry, going through high school, was bullied, and was confused about my future. So I ate and ate and ate. I couldn't get out of my bad habits. Even though my joint health and my future with children depended on me losing weight. Then I joined a zumba class. I met my wonderful instructor who taught me that even with my medical problems I am beautiful, unique, and she believed in me. With her help so far I have lost 60lbs. I needed help. I needed someone to diagnose my bad self esteem, my thoughts of self worthlessness, and help me fix it. It is a disease. Of the mind. Many obese people have mental needs that need to be addressed. I still have days of doubt where all I want is cake. But there are people who support me now. And when I need a hand, give it. I believe I haven't been completely "cured" yet. But I am on my way."
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    • -2 0 -2 Bryan Jun. 7, 2014
      "Bad habits are a disease? Does that make good habits a disease as well? 30 years of running has caused knee problems and joint pain. Running must be a disease too. I was addicted to running, I used it to get away from the stress of everyday life. You decided to use food the same way I used my time running."
  • -5 +3 -8 Edwin Espinoza Oct. 20, 2015
    "yes it is a disease ,because allot of the governments fault all that diet and allot of sugar added to the foods and chips.In my opinion chips should be banned all because of all that sugar."
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  • -5 +12 -17 chrissa Jan. 21, 2015
    "Smoking, alcoholism & heroin/drug addiction are all considered diseases and treatments can be covered by health insurance or can be had for free/cheap. People do not ostracize and berate people nearly as often, for these "diseases".
    Eating is different. We are allowed to constantly be bombarded by marketing for food. It is entwined in the very culture every one of us must live with. We need it to nurture ourselves and need it to exist.
    Now , despite all the disdain people carry, people are getting more obsese. Could it be society's obsession with food, our obsession with electronic gadgets(and penchant for letting them do more and more of our work for us)? Could it be things like high fructose corn syrup and all the genetically modified and/or processed foods that are loaded with sugar with names that make us overlook thew fact it is sugar? Is it genetics? Is it our upbringing/education/environment playing apart in obesity?

    Most likely it is a plethora of reasons combined. The result creates medical problems eventually. The truth is this is way beyond a question of willpower. Have you ever heard anyone say "sorry I cannot eat anymore simply because they chose to give up food"?"
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    • 0 0 0 Kevin Feb. 20, 2015
      "this is an interesting opinion, and you have some good points, but there are a few things you may want to consider. I am a recovering alcoholic myself, and believe me we are more then "berated" for having the disease that we do. It's not a pretty illness and no one feels sorry for the guy who can't put down the bottle, so even though I do not have a weight issue I can identify with the struggle people with obesity face and the feelings society puts them through, as well as the constant advertising we can't miss on every tv and store we walk into. However just because I have a disease doesn't mean I expect disability and free hand outs or special treatment, because there is a treatment for us, and that's not to drink anymore, and in the case of someone with obesity, to diet and exercise. Your right about being powerless, because I can't control my drinking like others can't control their eating, but there are programs and treatment centers where you can learn to, and putting in the work is up to you from there, but it can be done! So don't lose faith and don't point the finger at society, you have a disease, so fight it! Over eaters anonymous I recommend to anyone struggle with weight problems, you aren't alone out there, get help!"
  • -6 +11 -17 milena Apr. 14, 2014
    "my dad died because he was fat"
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    • +9 +9 0 techong Apr. 29, 2014
      "that is not a valid argument"
  • -7 +11 -18 Begs the question Feb. 6, 2014
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  • -7 +56 -63 Erik Apr. 27, 2011
    "Obesity can and should be considered as a disease. Obesity comes from how a persons body metabolizes foods. There are some that have fast metabolisms and some are slower. The slower the persons metabolism the more fat they will gain.

    How can you explain obesity in a child that has siblings that are smaller and yet they experience life the same? They eat the same foods and does that same amount of physical activity. The characteristics of obesity a far greater than fat. Larger people are predisposed to many other illnesses as well as early death.

    When discussing this, most people tend to discuss the cause and how it can be controlled yet isn't those the same factors of many other diseases. Therefore it should be considered a disease."
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    • +3 +5 -2 Maya Jan. 2, 2012
      "Obesity is not a disease at all. Saying that it is just because some people's bodies react differently when experiencing like situations as their family is like saying the child who wears glasses or is short in a family of tall people is diseased. It is simply a difference in genetics which isnt critical. The obese can change their size with motivation and drive, ultimately they are the only ones standing in their way. The larger child could be explained by their parents being a carrier of a slow motabolism like that of one of their parents or grandparents.

      To say that it is a disease even though it can be controlled because other diseases can be controlled is not a good arguent. Measures can be taken to avoid the common cold like washing your hands and having good hygiene, but it is not considered a disease. Also, a lot of diseases are contagious in some way, however obesity is not."
    • 0 +4 -4 Jester Mar. 2, 2012
      "I truly don't believe that obesity is an actual disease, it's a behavioral thing.
      Do you ever see obese monkeys out in the wild? Do you ever see chimpanzees driving through McDonald's every 3days?
    • 0 +2 -2 John Jan. 13, 2012
      "How can YOU explain the fact that the US is experiencing an obesity rate that far exceeds other developed nations'? Is it that US citizens have a much slower rate of metabolism from other countries? Or is it that we as a society reinforce the choice to eat more and exercise less by doing things like declaring the problem a disease... instead of correcting the actual source of the problem which is a series of lifestyle choices and poor education."
    • -1 +2 -3 Larry Feb. 16, 2012
      "Obviously if the child is obese then he or she is not eating the same amount of food as the siblings because they eat more.
      It all depends on how you take care of yourself and for the parents who allow this to happen to their children it is cruel punishment because you are giving your child more problems then it can handle."
    • -2 +1 -3 Esther Jan. 21, 2012
      "I absolutely agree with the pouint that a person can have siblings and they are the only one that has this problem. I am one of seven and as you said we all ate the same food, breathed the same air, yet I have this problem and they never did."
  • -9 +9 -18 Emilee Silverman Mar. 12, 2014
    "Yes, it is a mental disease/ eating disorder"
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  • -9 +15 -24 bob Feb. 5, 2014
    "yes because fat people need to lose wieght"
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    • 0 +2 -2 amanda Apr. 29, 2014
  • -10 +23 -33 Namara Feb. 12, 2013
    "Obesity is not only a disease of the body, but one of the mind as well. If one is bullied in school for being obese, one may turn to food or suicide. Obesity lowers life expectancy and isn't always caused by lifestyle."
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  • -11 +26 -37 Maegan Wilson Feb. 1, 2012
    "Obesity is a disease! Many do not recognize alcoholism as a disease but it is as well. Out side factors do increase both of these diseases just as getting sunburns may trigger skin cancer but the matter of it is that it's beyond control of the patent. If it's in your DNA you are more of a candidate point blank!"
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  • -13 +13 -26 Anita Apr. 11, 2013
    "I'm pro because I believe we can seriously reduce diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesteral before they happen. It will also reduce health care costs and respond to treatments earlier."
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  • -13 +26 -39 hannah May. 31, 2012
    "I read the book "Why we Get Fat" which says getting fat is the first sign of diseases commonly associated with obesity. We have had it backwards. Obesity doesn't cause heart disease and diabetes. We are already getting sick from eating too much sugar. Our insulin levels go awry. Our body stockpiles fat. Calories from sugar and carbs do not burn efficiently. The only way to correct our system is to cut out foods that turn to sugars, including most fruits.

    I went from eating very little but being unable to lose weight for several years to eating three meals a day and losing ten lbs in a couple of months. I didn't change my habits except to eat more, but none of the food was bread, rice, pasta, or sugar. I've been eating fruit, though.

    This is my experience with my experiment on myself. I have always had to watch what I eat because I put on weight easily despite being active and eating sparingly most of my life. I had been having heart palpitations which stopped when I quit sugar. I think obesity is a sign of impending disease and should be treated as such, NOT as a matter of willpower. Malnourishment and obesity often coincide."
    1250 characters left
  • -14 +25 -39 Vincent Vallentine Jan. 12, 2012
    "obesity is a deisease becouse it impares bodily function as well as certain other side effects"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Aaron B. May. 19, 2014
      "My question to you is can you control obesity or are you just born with it?"
  • -15 +8 -23 kiiyah Apr. 16, 2013
    "yes because it effects your health like any other disease"
    1250 characters left
  • -15 +18 -33 Lauren Dec. 10, 2012
    "Obesity is in fact a disease. The definition of disease from Wikipedia states "A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism." It disables you from doing some everyday activities, it disables everyday body functions as well (overproduction of certain molecules and mediators), "which lead to abnormal regulation of food intake and energy expenditure." Like other diseases it affects your life expectancy, it is hereditary, even the FDA, NIH, and IRS have said that obesity is considered a disease. Yes, you do have a choice whether or not to make healthy choices but you also have the choice to smoke cigarettes that cause lung and gum diseases. So, obesity is a disease, but it is a disease that you have a choice whether or not to have."
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 Robert Dec. 24, 2012
      "I can think of plenty of abnormal conditions affecting the body and disabling one from everyday activities that may not be considered diseases. Are all injuries diseases? Is wearing high heeled shoes a disease? Is being in a high noise environment a disease? Is being under anesthesia a disease? How about being drunk?"
    • +1 +1 0 Aaron B. May. 19, 2014
      "Find a reliable source and then come and tell us the true definition. Obesity is a choice, not a disease."
    • +1 +1 0 Jen Apr. 16, 2013
      "You went to wikipedia? I could change the definition of disease so it'll specifically state obesity is not a disease. Why would you go there? It's the worst place because it can be altered."
  • -16 +21 -37 cher Jun. 1, 2012
    "I believe it is a an addiction therefore it is a disease similar to drug addiction and alcoholism."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Kevin Feb. 20, 2015
      "@why you so: um, no, it's not. Lol. Alcoholism and drug addiction have been scientifically proven to be diseases. For instance in an alcoholic, when they take a drink brain chemistry becomes active in the portion of the brain responsible for survival instincts such as the need for food water shelter etc, and is prioritized above all of them, this brain activity DOES NOT take place in the average person. It is a proven, factually supported and verified disease, but alcoholics CAN get sober with help from things like rehabs and treatment programs/support groups if they are willing to give it their all. It's hard but acheivable. I believe that food obsession probably works similar to that, but I don't know if there is enough research to support my belief so who knows, what I do know is that over eaters can change if they are willing to do the work, such as diet, exercise, and support groups. So while those with obesity may need to look more into solutions instead of who to blame just like alcoholics (like myself, 2 years sober) we as a society need to focus more on helping people find those solutions and be more understanding of the struggle they face, whether or not they choose to make a change"
    • 0 0 0 Why you so Jan. 30, 2014
      "An addiction and a disease are 2 different things... so your telling me people who have an addiction like needing to smoke tobacco or something is a disease?"
  • -16 +23 -39 Nikki R. Hyden Feb. 16, 2012
    "I would have to say that obesity IS a disease. Why? Because due to extremely poor eating habits and never working out, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes back in April 2009. Within less than 8 months of being diagnosed, I gained 121 pounds and got up to 311 pounds. I had been confronted with exactly what I asked for throughout the years that I ate so unhealthy: obesity and major health complications! I then decided that my health was VERY important so I went on a low calorie diet and began working out for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week. After several medication changes, going off the birth control shot I had been on for 11 years and replacing it with an IUD, and several other changes, I had lost 25 pounds. But I couldnt seem to get past that point. So I began using Herbalife products. I am now back down to the size I was before I was diagnosed and am working hard to get down to my target weight range that is necessary for my height: 135 pounds. Obesity had a HUGE effect on my life a LOOONNNNGGGG time though and I now am much more conscious of my health for that very reason."
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +5 0 Sue May. 11, 2012
      "You stated that due to "extremely poor eating habits and never working out" (your words) caused your Type 2 Diabetes which in turn caused weight gain. You are admiting to the the fact that you freely chose to have unhealthy habits thus causing your medical problems and weight gain - and we should call obesity a disease because of this? It sounds like you are making smart decisions on eating and exercising and general health which is awesome but your weight gain is not a disease - your weight gain was a choice!
      Let me contrast that with my disease which is cancer. My cancer is a REAL disease - one that is uncontrollable, unpreventable and uncurable. If there was some lifestyle choice that I knew was "causing" my cancer I would happlily make changes to it but there isn't. I have always eaten right and exercise on a regular basis (and am not nor have I ever been over weight). If only it were SO simple."
    • +2 +2 0 Jeff Mar. 5, 2012
      "You had all the key elements to not become obese before. Just because it was hard to take off the weight doesn't mean it was a disease that struck you. It was your lifestyle. Obesity is not a disease. However, it does contribute to ACTUAL diseases. Individual responsibility is the key to every human being never becoming obese. It IS possible for everyone to be at a healthy weight. Congratulations on losing all the weight and keeping your health as the top priority in your life though."
    • +1 +1 0 Jen Apr. 16, 2013
      "See quote on line 2 "...due to extremely poor eating habits and never working out..." These are your own words, therefore you conflicted them upon yourself and you knew what you were getting into. You were 190? cool I'm 170, and I work out everyday."
    • 0 0 0 CH Jul. 11, 2018
      "Poor eating habits can be due to misinformation, by parents, ads on tv, etc. Being fat is not necessarily a choice if that choice is being "made" for you or you're being guided in that direction for lack of having the tools to make the best decisions. Red meat was classified as Group 2A, probably carcinogenic to humans, by the WHO. That may change some people's decision to eat processed meats, but if that information was never provided, those people would continue down their normal path. It's simple to judge if really don't know a person's full background."
  • -19 +26 -45 Patricia Apr. 27, 2011
    "I believe obesity is directly related to a persons hormones. When the hormones are regulated to the individual person, activities remain the same, and eating habits remain the same a person will not gain nor lose weight as they age. Therefore, I believe obesity is a disease that should be treated as such."
    1250 characters left
  • -20 +17 -37 jeremy lovin May. 10, 2012
    "Yes, I believe obesity is a disease and like certain diseases it carries a stigma with it. Studies show that 95% of American's can not lose weight or they gain it all back. In the United States we have thousands of different kinds of weight lost programs; yet, none them seem to be effective. Most people have continuing problems for the rest of their lives, no one just has weight problems for a year or few months. Being overweight is a stigma in the US because the christian bible associates it with one the seven deadly sins of gluttony. People who are over weight even for a short period of time are always thought of as over weight. Being overweight is such a physical and mentally painful condition why would any body truly choose to be overweight if it is so easy to lose weight. Doctors don't really have a clear idea of exactly what causes excessive weight gain or a clear idea of what cause diabetes. Doctors don't even have a clear cut index for, which weights are normal for different people. Many people in society treat the obese with negative reinforcement as if it's some unofficial written law of how to talk to obese people and act confused when the obese react with anger towards being mistreated."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 Jojo Apr. 21, 2014
      "None of the weight loss programs worked efficiently enough because people give up after awhile. They don't stick to it. Weight loss programs are made to be continual. They aren't made to just do it until you reach your goal then go back to your life like it was before."
  • -22 +3 -25 gayle k Jun. 10, 2013
    "Absolutely, I read a comment by Dr. Oz that.. they say obesity is genetic, but why do fat people have fat pets??? Maybe some do ..but in3 generations of obesity we have never had an overweight pet ...5 dogs 3 cats not one was overweight! No one wants to be fat...if we are overweight it certainly is not from lack of effort ...this I know for sure"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 Bryan Jun. 7, 2014
      "Obesity is NOT genetic. Everything we learn as children we learn from our family. If your parents are fat because of poor diet and lack of regular fitness routine, there is no surprise you followed in their foot steps. As for fat people having fat pets, your dog can't go out and eat 4 double quarter pounder cheese burgers and wash it down with a gallon tub of rocky road ice cream"
    • +2 +2 0 ryan Oct. 3, 2013
      "it is from lack of effort"
  • -24 +22 -46 Anonymous Apr. 27, 2011
    "To me it makes sense that it is a disease. A disease is something that you can't control without medical help or medical supervision and I totally believe that there are people that will never be thin without help. Or even healthy for that matter. It is not a choice. Nobody would chose to be obese. Its a trap that you get into, not unlike alcohol or drug addiction. Once you are in the trap, you have to have help to get out."
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +5 0 John Jan. 13, 2012
      "First, alcohol and drugs are also not diseases, they are choices.

      Second, obesity CAN be controlled without medical help. Suggesting that it cannot is to remove personal responsibility from the equation, which is part of the problem, not the solution."
  • -32 +23 -55 Lynette May. 2, 2011
    "I'm pro that it is a disease, because of obesity I developed high blood pressure, asthma and had to have gastric by-pass surgery in order to start moving to loose weight, which by reduced my high blood pressure and asthma symptoms, all but vanished. I feel obesity is an eating disorder and should be taken seriously and treated as a medical condition, not only with surgery but psychiatric evaluation as well."
    1250 characters left
    • +5 +5 0 your fault Feb. 24, 2012
      "Who's fault is it?"
  • -37 +24 -61 Cookie Sep. 27, 2011
    "Yes Obesity is a disease even if its not like other diseases!"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Yoshi Feb. 18, 2015
      "well what happen if it is"
  • -50 +17 -67 hffuu Dec. 1, 2011
    "yesssss! obesity is a disease some people cant help it."
    1250 characters left
    • +4 +6 -2 joe Oct. 3, 2013
      "its not a disease because fat people can help it by moving and stop eating as much."

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  • +99 +132 -33 Jon Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity is a life choice not a disease, YOU choose to keep eating fatty foods and snacking all day and don't choose to work the calories off or do something productive with your life. What do YOU honestly expect to happen when you sit around all day everyday? If you want a body like the actors on the tv then get up! Get something done today, it doesn't have to be much, just do something for a change. Go for a walk, ride a bike, if a friends house is close then walk to their house instead of driving yourself for once. Eat healthier foods instead of fast food or learn to cook for yourself even. When the body is taking in all these fatty, 500 calorie snacks every half hour and not working it off then its going to build up instead of leaving the body."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +5 -3 Kevin Feb. 20, 2015
      "I disagree but not how you think. By the definition of the actual word "disease" it is a disease, and yes metabolism is a factor as well as genetics, HOWEVER!.... It is treatable! And that's where I agree with you. I myself am not overweight, however I am a severe alcoholic, in recovery, with 2 years sobriety :) and I didn't get sober by sitting around collecting disability and blaming society and advertising and genetics or a bad childhood for my illness, I got sober by getting help through rehab and 12 step programs, and making a conscious decision to do something about it. I had a choice, live a sober life and overcome the obsession and compulsion to drink, or die an alcoholic death, and let me tell you guys it WAS NOT EASY!!! I still have hard days every now and then, but I push on, and I fight back, and I do the work. Obesity is a disease as far as I'm concerned, but there is treatment that can save your life and it's not gonna happen for you unless you do the work, diet, exercise, and support groups are all excellent solutions if you really WANT to change. Alcoholics have less then 10% success rate out of rehab, but some of us make it, and others eventually get it right a few tries later, it's up to the individual"
    • 0 0 0 Beth Jun. 30, 2018
      "While for some people who are obese, it is true that they sit around eating and not doing much all day, that's not true for all who are labelled as obese. Did you know that even bodybuilders can be considered overweight or even obese? Personally, I am considered severely obese based on my BMI. Despite this, I work out many times a week and enjoy salads, vegetables, fruits, and etc. on a regular basis. So, I am sorry if me being obese is a "life choice" and maybe instead of eating healthy, I should just skip meals (the only way I have ever got to lose weight ) or go on insane diets"
    • -1 +4 -5 Millie Dec. 1, 2015
      "I eat like every other person, and I'm "obese". I was born with it. Got it from my dad. Some people don't eat excessively, but are still obese. Sometimes it's not all our fault."
    • -1 +5 -6 anthony Jan. 22, 2015
      "jon is right you choose what you eat it is not a disease"
    • -3 +2 -5 Yoshi Feb. 18, 2015
      "u had the right Idea thanks for agreeing"
  • +12 +21 -9 Maguire Martin Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity a lot of people are saying that its a disease. So there saying that if you eat and eat a lot of junk food and unhealthy food their saying its a disease. A disease in most cases is something you can not control getting you will just get it. You can control getting sexual diseases and diabetes. People who are obese most of the time also have severe diabetes and major heart problems and countless health problems.
    When i got diagnosed with my disease i didn't get it because it was my lifestyle choices i was born with it and waited for a bad virus to bring it out of me. I was going to hospital and licking the floors to get a disease. When you constantly go out and eat Mcdonalds and cakes and other junk you gain weight and get so fat it affects everything else with your life if you can walk because your too fat that your fault."
    1250 characters left
  • +12 +23 -11 Bob Sanders May. 19, 2014
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 billy boy Mar. 23, 2018
      "your the best"
  • +8 +15 -7 Amber Turnipseed Nov. 7, 2014
    "Is obesity a disease? No, obesity is not a disease. It may cause many disease but it is not a disease itself. Most people are able to control their weight. They just have bad eating habits or a super low metabolism. Every human has a choice in what they put into their body. You can not say that its a disease when you do not take care of your own body."
    1250 characters left
  • +7 +14 -7 St.Jimmy Nov. 7, 2014
    "Currently in the united states, 31.8% of the population are obese, causing countless amounts of deaths, depression, amongst other things. The question is, is this wave of unhealthy living a disease?

    Granted, some people are born into a somewhat chubby family, and unhealthy lifestyles. But that does not mean they have to follow in their families footsteps. Obesity is mostly a choice. You can easily control your weight. Is all you eat fast food and donuts? Maybe you should stop if you don't want to look like Rosie O' Donnell. Is all you do sit on your couch and watch TLC? Well, maybe, just maybe, you should see what walking is like and march your stubby feet up and down the block.

    I get that its hard for some people. Some people get stressed, and they eat. Its what makes them comfortable, their way of coping. But if your favorite thing to do is eat, you need to find a way to maintain. Unless of course you have no problem with weighing 300 pounds and having multiple health problems."
    1250 characters left
  • +7 +12 -5 Vanessa Nov. 7, 2014
    "I do not think that obesity is a disease. I think obesity is a lifestyle that people chose to live in. People in todays society have gotten lazier. They no longer have to work to have food on their table like they use to. All they have to do now is get into their car and go to a fast food place and have their food made for them. No hard work there. It's their choice to make if they want to keep eating and keep getting fatter."
    1250 characters left
  • +7 +25 -18 Me Jan. 30, 2014
    "Obesity isnt a disease, its a choice to be obease If you eat alot and you keep doing it YOU WILL GET OBEASE! Or if you eat abunch of fast food and you are lazy you will GET obease nothing is causing it but for your actions!"
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  • +6 +9 -3 John Richardson Oct. 3, 2014
    "No because it can be prevented if you have a regular workout schedule and have a healthy diet. Obesity is a side effect from arthritis and depression. Many "healthy obese" people live good lives because they may be over weight, but they have normal blood pressure and cholesterol."
    1250 characters left
  • +5 +6 -1 Stephen Sep. 14, 2015
    "Ill make this quick. Being fat is your choice. You don't have to eat if you don't want to. We all need to eat but we don't have to eat that much. A disease isn't completely preventable even with the most cutting edge vaccines. Obesity on the other hand is a personal side effect."
    1250 characters left
  • +5 +12 -7 bryce lauderback Feb. 23, 2015
    "no its not! you choose to eat so much and not do any activity's to take it off! if you put more in the you take out you'll never be skinny!"
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  • +5 +18 -13 Hunter Biehle Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity is not a disease
    I do not think Obesity is a disease because Obesity is caused from the simple fact from overeating and eating junk food. People who are obese can simple exercise or eat healthier instead of sit around the house and eat either fast food or junk food. I will admit that obesity is a cause from a mental disease. The people complaining about obesity are usually the ones who won't do anything about it. Although Obesity is not a disease it can cause diseases. For example it can cause heart issues, depression, and stomach viruses. This is why I think Obesity is not a disease."
    1250 characters left
  • +5 +15 -10 Cody McNair Nov. 7, 2014
    "Should obesity be considered a disease? No, it shouldn't be considered a disease. I believe that it is a choice to be obese or not. If it can be prevented then why not try. If there are people already obese then why don't they try to fix it. Even though I think obesity is not a disease doesn't mean i don't want to help fix it."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 fox May. 15, 2015
      "The main problem is,most obese people try dieting or changing their lifestyle and cannot lose much weight no matter how hard they try. Food is not the same healthy food we had 50 years ago. It is not as healthy. Haven't you seen a friend eat the same as you and your body stays the same while theirs blows up? Almost everyone has a friend like that. Obesity is a disease. A horrible degrading way to live.there is hardly one very obese person, I know, that doesn't want and try to be thinner.what do you think, people want this? I'm talking those who are very heavy not those a little overweight."
  • +5 +7 -2 blayne Apr. 15, 2014
    "i dont think it is a disease be cause it is there choice"
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  • +5 +11 -6 Meg Apr. 10, 2014
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    • 0 0 0 Milk Lord Mar. 26, 2019
  • +4 +5 -1 Swetha Jul. 29, 2015
    "Obesity, defined as a body mass index (BMI, kg/m(2)) or percentage body fat in excess of some cut-off value, though clearly a threat to health and longevity, lacks a universal concomitant group of symptoms or signs and the impairment of function which characterize disease according to traditional definitions. While it might nevertheless be possible to achieve a social consensus that it is a disease despite its failure to fit traditional models of disease, the merits of such a goal are questionable. Labeling obesity a disease may be expedient but it is not a necessary step in a campaign to combat obesity and it may be interpreted as self-serving advocacy without a sound scientific basis."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +8 -4 Kennedee Herklotz Nov. 7, 2014
    "I personally disagree with the fact that obesity is a disease. I feel to eat a lot of junk and fast foods that help your Body Mass Index (BMI) to raise is your own personal choice. Nobody is forcing those fatty foods down your throat. Obesity itself is not a disease, but it may cause diseases like diabetes, and heart disease. Also, obesity can be a symptom from other diseases or medication. Obesity is a life choice, and you can either live with it, or change your eating habits to have a healthy body and lifestyle."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +7 -3 Taylor Nov. 7, 2014
    "I don't believe that obesity is a disease. You choose what you eat and if you eat excessive amounts of junk then your body will treat you accordingly. Obesity isn't a disease but I do believe that it can cause other health issues. Most people can control their weight to an extent; that extent being under 200 lbs. Otherwise there isn't an excuse for obesity."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +7 -3 Kasey Goodson Nov. 7, 2014
    "I think that obesity is not a disease, I just think that eating too much can cause you to be obese and then later on it can cause you to have a disease, because being overweight can cause a lot of health problems and a lot of stuff can come from just being overweight."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +6 -2 Lyndon Cotton :] Nov. 7, 2014
    "Lyndon Cotton
    I think that obesity is not a disease. You have to either be born with it or you may grow in to it just doesn't seem right for people to blame McDonalds or any other fast food restaurant just because you're fat. Yeah their food isn't healthy but you still don't have to blame them for it."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +7 -3 Robert Nov. 7, 2014
    "I believe that obesity is not a disease. It is, for the most part, caused by our personal dietary habits. Obesity is not a disease, but it can cause other diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and most obese people tend to live healthy lives despite being obese. Due to obesity being a mostly controlled issue, this negates the claim that it can be a disease."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 senior sexy May. 20, 2015
      "there are a lot of diseases you can get by dietry habits"
  • +4 +12 -8 tyleajohnson Feb. 24, 2014
    "no it is not"
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  • +3 +5 -2 Garrett Jun. 23, 2014
    "I feel bad for for people who are affected by diseases such as Perkinsons, Avian Influenza, Epilepsy etc. they didn't choose to have these diseases. Unfortunately, some people aren't dealt the best hand.

    While I understand obesity can be caused by Thyriod issues, a good number of obesity is due to overeating. I share no sympathy for those people who are obese due to overeating and expect the same lack sympathy from the general public because I choose to smoke cigarettes."
    1250 characters left
  • +3 +10 -7 TheTruthfulTurtle Jan. 30, 2014
    "No because you choose what you eat and how you exercise , your responsible for your actions. People say its a disease just so they can blame their own laziness and unhealthy eating habits on something else that's not them."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +4 -2 R. William Clinard Nov. 7, 2014
    "In my opinion, obesity is NOT a disease. Obesity's biggest pro for people in the U.S. is their mind set. Obesity isn't a disease, unless you count the way it infects our culture, and our minds. All we have in culture is extremes: either we have to be so skinny we see our ribs, or we're extremely overweight, and that's ok, too... it's just not right. When we get back to the realistic expectations of society, then obesity will decrease."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +5 -3 miriam Nov. 7, 2014
    "I think that obesity is not a disease. It is a choice people have to make, people have that choice whether to work out or sit around. so if you are choosing to sit around and do nothing that is your choose. people have to stop trying to sugar coat things. people make the choose to call obesity a disease, people want the "get out of jail free card" so they will say whatever to get what they want. they want the easy way out so they can keep making the bad choice of eating more and more. obesity is not a disease but it can lead to other diseases, that being said if you are obese then that's how you choose your lifestyle."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +5 -3 A.l. Apr. 15, 2014
    "No because it depends on what you eat and how much you eat. And if the food is healthy or not."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +7 -5 Zac V Feb. 25, 2014
    "obesity is not a disease. counter arguments are saying that it can be genetics that cause the "disease" the only thing that genetics have been proven to affect are appetite and metabolism. just because you are hungrier and have a slower metabolism doesn't mean you are fat. one has to be self conscious about what they eat and the energy they are outputting. its all a calorie game. stop using a medical condition as a scapegoat."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +8 -6 oriana Jan. 31, 2014
    "Is obesity a disease? No, i don't believe so because unlike other diseases obesity comes from a lack of a good diet and is the effects of not being active."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +11 -9 Araseli Perez Nov. 21, 2013
    "As you now know obesity is now becoming common worldwide. Debate over if obesity is now a disease, is a frequent topic. Over the years people are watching their body grow and saying that they have a disease just so they can get help from the government and live the "easy life". Even though they have to carry 100-200 extra pounds a day. There are millions of exercising programs that they can join and shed the pounds off. Becoming overweight and unhealthy is there lifestyle choice. If they want to eat three times the serving, it their choice, not the "disease", that they have."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +8 -6 Nicholas McMahon Nov. 21, 2013
    "Eveyone I have met they have been obese because they refuse to exersize as much as they eat. It's easier for obese people to scarf down a 5,000 calorie meal than it is to burn 300 of it. People my die from obesity everyday from obesity, but that is becasue they have spent most of their life sittin and eating, without as much as jogging down the street. It isn't hereditary either, feeding your little 1 and 2 year old fatty foods and fast food isn't making it hereditary, it's making it worse and you're making you child have the same eating habbits as you and it doesn't help. It's a choice not a disease, how would a disease make you keep eating and eating until you can't see your toes?"
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +6 -4 Cierra Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease. It self-inflicted, they chose what they eat and how much they eat. A disease is something you can not chose to have. People chose to become obese, they have the right to eat as much as they want knowing what it could cause"
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +7 -5 Taylor Tovar Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease, it is your fault if you decide to get fat and lounge around. With certain people obesity is not their choice. They might actually have a disease with weight gain and can not control it. The majority of people just eat wrong and do not exercise."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +6 -4 Sydney Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease because it is chosen! A person can choose whether or not they want to live a healthy life style; while someone with a disease does not choose it and it cannot be cured most of the time. I strongly believe that if you sit around eating bon bons and play video games all day without any physical activity in your life then you are more likely to become obese. Do not say obesity is a disease to make yourself feel better when in reality it is just your stupid diet decisions."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +9 -7 Andrew Lane Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease. Obesity is caused by bad dietary decisions and not working out.people of continously choose to eat unhealthy and not take care of their bodies deserve no sympathy. You can lose weight."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +11 -9 Henry Heller Nov. 21, 2013
    "I believe obesity is not a disease, you can control your body, and how it looks. If you eat right and work out consistently you can live a healthy lifestyle. I have no sympathy for people that eat unhealthy everyday and have no drive to workout or change your body, because it is possible to lose weight."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +6 -4 lechea Nov. 21, 2013
    "i obesity is not a disease. i think it is the way you live your life.its the way you choose to should limit your foods if you dont want this to happened to you."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +5 -3 victoria Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease, people get obese because they eat to much. If people would control what they eat then there would not be a problem. People that are obese are choosing to be obese, they can change it they are just choosing not too. They could easily take matters into their own hands. People are going to come in all different shapes and sizes but they can change that. They do not have to stay big they can lose the weight. The people that are obese will eventually realize that they need to change their life."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +5 -3 Colby Johnson Nov. 21, 2013
    "I am very bias about obesity. Some people choose to be obese by doing nothing about it and letting themselves get into bad health. I do NOT have sympathy for someone that is just gonna sit and be lazy when you can change your life. I lean more towards obesity being a disease because with all of the fast food chains that we have in the United States. I definitely belive that families of people that suffer from obesity should do something about it. Instead of going to McDonald's or to Burger King. I'm pretty sure you will see an AnyTime Fitness along the way. Obesity is something that a lot of people over come. You can only stop obesity by dieting and eating healthy. Dont sit around and eat junk consisting of Ice Cream, Sweets, Little Debbie Snacks. Get up and quit being lazy. In another way, obesity isn't a disease its just some people being lazy."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +1 0 Cassidy Oct. 3, 2018
    "A disease is something someone is born with or you may not be able to prevent it from happening. Obesity is an issue that can be prevented. It is up to you to change your diet or to be active. A simple walk with your dog will be helpful to yourself (and your dog). If it is a side effect from your medication, go to your doctor and request a change of medication to prevent it. You can not justify Obesity as a disease if it is an issue that can be prevented."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +1 0 billy boy Mar. 23, 2018
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +2 -1 Keleb Oct. 20, 2016
    "Obesity is a life choice don't blame other people when you are the one that's eating the way you are!"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 ctrl-ALT-del (Austin May. 13, 2015
    "I myself am obese and until i started to start running and exercising and eating healthier as well. I just maintained the fat self that I was. I am now losing body fat and at first i lost some weight as well, but now I'm back to the weight i was because i am building muscle as well as losing body fat and now im slowly losing weight again. this is proving to me that it really is just a life choice and not a disease"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +5 -4 Jordon Nov. 7, 2014
    "There are only a handful of people that are obese because of a medical condition. As for the rest of them they are fat and lazy because they want to be. If it is your choice to be fat then thats your choice ,and only you can change your mind."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +4 -3 Matthew Martin Nov. 7, 2014
    "Many people today consider obesity to be a disease, but have you ever looked at the meaning of disease?
    A particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.
    Based on what the word disease mean in the dictionary its is really hard to rule out obesity as a disease. That being said I am not only against the fact obesity is being classified as a disease. I am against the definition of disease in as a whole. The meaning of disease could classify a multitude of things to be put under the category of disease. An entire race or religion could be classified under a disease, because these are a qualities and habits passed down through genetics or lifestyle choices. Now would you really like to go and tell the children you have that the beliefs they have or the skin color they have can be known as a disease."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Trent Schneider Nov. 7, 2014
    "Some medical feilds are calling obesity a disease that you can catch. Now really people? are you seriously saying that you can catch obesity? These doctors have a PHD or CHD and their thinking that you can catch obesity. Personally I think that these doctors have a HUB from the university of STUPID. HUB Head. Up .Butt. A disease is something that you are treated for or maybe you take antibiotics for it. But obesity is something that is not treated. the only way to become slim and not fat is exercise and eat right. As a country we need to show the so called "doctors" what obesity is really from.. Fatty foods."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Me Nov. 7, 2014
    "I don't think obesity is a disease. It could be a disease because it harms your body, but you aren't born obese. Some people can choose to go on a diet, but some people can't help it. If you are overweight, and you keep eating unhealthy then you are choosing to be obese."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Maria Araujo Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity is not a disease but someone's choice to decide what they eat and how much exercise they do. The United States being the second most obese industrialized nation with a 31.8% following Mexico with a 32.8%. Obesity is now becoming a worldwide epidemic that keeps on increasing in daily lives of people. Over the years, people have been eating junk food and not watching their weight but that is their choice they make in their lives. Being obese is lifestyle choice and people keep on eating but they should be familiar with the consequences that they can face in the future."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +2 -1 Megan Nov. 7, 2014
    "I do not believe that obesity is a disease; but a very big problem. Over the last several years the amount of obese men and women in America has skyrocketed. When a problem becomes an epidemic does not automatically mean it is justifiable to label the problem as a disease. In certain circumstances becoming overweight can be a side effect of a disease, taking medication that leads to weight gain. People can control what they eat and whether or not they exercise or not. While yes, it is a growing problem in America especially that does not mean it is a disease even if it is an out of control problem."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Kyle Nov. 3, 2014
    "Obesity is not a disease but can cause diseases and may be the cause of a diasese."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Aransa Colon Oct. 3, 2014
    "Mi opinion es que la obesidad es una enfermedad. Hay personas que tienen el metabolismo lento y por cualquier cosa que coman o beban le hace efecto y aumentan libras. Si, estoy en contra. Lo que realmente las personas obesas deben hacer es tener una super dieta balanceada, comer saludable y hacer ejercicios."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Suzie May. 28, 2014
    "I lost 25 lbs. just by reading the labels and making better food choices, and not over eating while watching TV. Even my blood test improved, I just ate less of the junk."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Sieggy May. 22, 2014
    "Obesity is (in the vast majority of cases) entirely self induced condition brought about by poor habits. It is entirely treatable ONLY if the patient is willing to expend the effort and is willing to change their habits. Poor diet and poor self control are the leading causes of obesity. The cure is education, self control, and self discipline."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +4 -3 Aareon May. 19, 2014
    "32% of obese people believe that their situation is a disease because no matter they do they can't seem to slim up. However that is less then half and nutritionist theorize that if the obese people had surgery on there brain that involved a higher production of the mylaphelma cells then their digestive system would speed up."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +1 -1 Aaron Blades May. 19, 2014
      "Where did you get your statistics from?"
  • +1 +3 -2 Hannah B. May. 16, 2014
    "Obesity is based on your own personal choice. If you don't have the responsibility to go to the gym or eat healthy than that's your fault, not some bad luck for getting fat."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +5 -4 techong Apr. 29, 2014
    "no. once you are diagnosed as obese you may lose weight and no longer be considered obese. If you contract h.i.v. or other diseases you can not just get rid of them through exercise and eating healthy."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +5 -4 Nick Apr. 17, 2014
    "For a very small portion of the population, obesity is the end result of a medical condition.

    For the vast majority of the population, obesity is a person choice."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +4 -3 olivia Apr. 15, 2014
    "it is not a disease people choose to get fat by going to fast food places. you can control that by exercising and eating right. if you go on a walk every day and eat food like salads or eggs and drink water, milk, or juice you will get noticeably skinnier. you will also be happier :)"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +6 -5 Sydney Apr. 1, 2014
    "I think obesity is very bad. People die all the time from obesity."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +9 -8 wg Dec. 4, 2013
    "I disagree with this because, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and was over weight. I decided to change my life around and go to the gym persistently while healthy dieting. I have lost all of the weight and am now at a heartily BMI range. All it takes is dedication and a strong mind and you can overcome obesity."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +11 -10 triston tillery Nov. 21, 2013
    "I strongly believe that obesity is not a desease. People who are obese just need to exercize"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +5 -4 HEATHER!! Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease! People become obese from eating, there is no way its a disease. A disease is a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, esp. one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury. Being obese is not caused by anything but food, for example, eating out all the time at fast food restraunts. A disease you cant change but being obese you can change all you have to do is watch your food you eat and run and do some activities. (BED) is a disease but obesity??? REALLY???? Come on guys! Obesity is a choice of how you want your lifestyle! Obese people will eventually realize that they are big and have health problems and go on a diet and loose weight. Whoever said that obesity is a disease needs to think again, i mean how could someone be so dumb! OBESITY IS NOT A DISEASE PEOPLE!"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 0 0 crew Mar. 15, 2019
    "obesity is not a disease and never will be. obesity is just you being very fat."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +1 -1 Lilly Feb. 13, 2018
    "No obesity is not a disease because it could be a side effect of another disease, but not a disease itself"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 0 0 Bob Mar. 17, 2017
    "People go off of the body mass index. When we go of that a lot of people are overweight. If you did it to a football player than they would be considered obese."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +2 -2 Walt Jun. 25, 2015
    "Think of your body like a car. If you maintain your car and take it to the mechanic (the car doctor) you wont have issues with it. Same goes for your body. If you neglect your body and you don't maintain it, then it wont work correctly. Obesity is not a disease, it is a lifestyle choice and excuse to not maintain your body."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 You Mar. 26, 2015
    "obesity is up to you, how you live your life all up to what foods you eat"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +3 -3 Freddy Mar. 2, 2015
    "If obesity is a disease, then over 1/4 of the US' population is now diseased. No one wants to be looked at with concern and get "get well" cards just because they are a bit on te chubby side"
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +2 -2 Henry Porter Dec. 9, 2014
    "I was once obese. One day I saw myself in the mirror. I then recognized that I was fat and I wanted to change that. It was not about mental strength or how much weight I could lift. It was no disease. Being obese was a form of my incompetence and mine only. It was no disease that made me like that. It was all me. Many people are obese and still deny it but don't suffer from any mental trauma. These people only deny this because they are imagining their ideal image and then intertwine their thoughts with real life."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +5 -5 alex Nov. 7, 2014
    "No obesity is not a disease, its a choice. It's like when you eat 10 cheeseburgers and get more and more food and wonder why you're so fat. Its very sad that people let themselves get morbidly obese then go, and call it a disease. When its their fault for getting more junk food, and trying not to exercise. They can go lose the weight with exercise and major diet changes.
    My point is people go and blame obesity when they can go to the gym workout and burn those calories. But what do they do nothing they just keep ordering more and eating more. So what can you really do when the options to change are out their? You can't fix someone if they don't want to fix themselves."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +2 -2 Jordyn Wilhite Nov. 7, 2014
    "In my opinion obesity is not a disease. To me it is a personal choice whether you are obese or not. It all comes down to your dietary choices. It is just as easy to eat things that are good for you rather than filling your body with junk. Obesity unlike a disease is something that is completely curable. Obesity is something that you can let come into your life or you can choose to live a healthy lifestyle. I'm not saying you have to eat a totally vegan diet or anything, but if you make more healthy choices than bad and have an active lifestyle obesity will not be an issue. Being active is a huge component in being healthy. If you are making bad dietary decisions and you are not physically active then yes obesity may occur. It all comes down to what you want for your life, it is a decision."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +4 -4 Casey Faske Nov. 7, 2014
    "In my opinion about the obesity disease is that obesity is not a disease, its more of a lifestyle choice. Its a lifestyle choice because its your choice of going to either McDonalds or to Subway. They say that obesity causes a lot of deaths but you have the power to control how you want to live your life."
    1250 characters left
  • 0 +2 -2 Shane Worley Nov. 7, 2014
    "In my opinion obesity is not a disease. A disease is a sickness, or illness in which you can not control getting.Like viruses, skin diseases, etc. You can control geting obesity. Put the food down, and take a lap ! that will prevent obesity. Diseases are not preventable, obesity is not. If people would quit eating all the time maybe this world wouldn't be obese. Yall are some chumps just sitting there eating all time, getting obese and what not. Then people complain and sue fast food that there obese. Obesity is by no means a disease. You can control whether you are obese or not."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 0 -1 John May. 17, 2018
    "The idea of obesity being a "disease" is every bit as stupid as the idea of addiction being "disease"! In what universe do "diseases" get VOTED INTO EXISTENCE by the AMA, or the APA? In what universe does a person, who willfully, knowingly, and voluntarily engages in poor dietary choices, and low exercise get labeled as being "diseased" because of their OWN voluntary behavior? These organizations that want to VOTE things into being a "disease" really need to define the word "disease" and then determine how VOTING conditions into meeting "criteria" is justified!"
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +3 -4 Michael Davis Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity is either a choice or a symptom of another disease. Most of the people who are obese are victims of their own habits; they either have bad eating habits, or opt not to exercise. The other percentage of people who are subject to obesity, suffer from a disease that causes them to be so. Obesity itself is not a disease."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +4 -5 Tristin Lagrone Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity is not a diseases, it is a lifestyle choice you just can't get it by family members, which I think is a false answer. This is a lifestyle choice that many Americans are following into everyone else's footsteps by becoming less active and eating junk food and never exercising anymore. This is a shameful way to live people need to be slimmer and not be so lazy and take action about this, i think its pitiful how people do this to themselves. I don't feel sorry for people who are really big ,because its not a disease its a lifestyle choice."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +3 -4 Bailee Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity has been classified as a disease because it meets all requirements needed. According to ObamaCare a disease is a disorder or function in a human. Obesity is far from that.
    Obesity is a lifestyle that people choose to live. No one was born obese, this is what separates it from being a disease, many people are born with a their disease, although some can also get it later on in life. Obesity is a lifestyle chosen to be lived by lazy hungry people. They chose it, which is another thing that makes it not a disease. How many people have you met with a disease that say "I chose this lifestyle and now I am paying the consequence.?" Not very many and if the people who might say it are smokers or something that could have easily been avoided. Obesity is one of the easiest "diseases" to avoid! Quit eating non stop and get up and work out! Workout more than you eat and you will never be an obese person. Obesity is not a disease and should not be classified as one."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +4 -5 j.u.v Apr. 15, 2014
    "Yes and no at the same time, it can be caused by many things, but you never know whoever this person said what if they are lying. If you want to know the truth then ask a doctor or scientist."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +6 -7 jr garcia Feb. 5, 2014
    "I stand by my reason that obesity is not a disease its a choice. there is no pressure into eating unhealthy sustances such as canned food. It is the choice of the organism that is eating fast food or canned food or food that is in alluminum containers. I learned from a doctor that there is mrcury in all aluminum containers this will intterupt the signals being sent through out your body."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +7 -8 Kasey Smith Nov. 21, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease. People can control their body intake. Obesity is caused by bad dietary decisions and by not exercising enough, or any at all. If an obese person has a real disease then it may be harder for them to control their body weight, but some people just do not try at all. If you do not try to control your body weight, then you simply do not care enough about yourself. Most obese people just sit at home on the couch, eating their life away. Some obese people get so big to where they get depressed, and it is harder to gain control. Obese people never want to blame themselves, but they are the only ones that can control it. Yes, healthy food is not the best tasting, but eating McDonalds and other unhealthy foods everyday will just make you obese."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +6 -7 Bailey Reynolds Nov. 21, 2013
    "I believe that obesity is not a disease. Obesity can be prevented, people that are obese more than likely do not do anything active. Obesity is caused by bad eating habits, and not doing
    anything active in their lives at all. I understand that some people do have genetic disease, but you can control that by going to the doctor and getting help. Also, just because you may have that disease does not give people an excuse to go stuff their face with fast food everyday. I know that most healthy foods don't taste that great, but you should try to make an effort to at least consume a little bit of healthy food in your life time. It would also help if more people went and worked out just a little everyday, just a little bit of walking a day will kind of keep you in shape and losing weight."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +7 -8 Hunter Nov. 21, 2013
    "You can't call being fat a disease, maybe, not going to Mcdonalds or other fast food places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ever day and go for a walk might fix your "disease". You being being fat is your own fault for being lazy and not eating right, so quit acting like its not your fault and blaming it on other stupid reasons because you cant get over yourself."
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +6 -7 Carl Ivey Nov. 21, 2013
    "I personally believe that obesity is not a disease. Obesity can be easily prevented with regular diet and exercise. People who are obese should take responsibility for their own health condition and stop trying to blame it on being a disease. Calling it a disease is just giving us obese people an excuse to stay on the couch and continue to eat potato chips without having to change, because "it's a disease, it's not my fault.""
    1250 characters left
  • -2 0 -2 nubles Dec. 12, 2017
    "all of you saying that you cant control if you get obese because you were born with obesity because of genetics, you are right about the fact that you cant control it, but your parents could of controlled it, they chose not to. in conclusion, obesity is a choice, it may not have of been your choice, but it was a choice in the end."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 Nick Narcisse Jun. 1, 2016
    "No,because obesity is just a life choice not a disease."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 john t May. 16, 2016
    "NO, You can close your mouth"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +3 -5 Toriel May. 10, 2016
    "Obesity is caused by eating and eating is a choice"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 Nick N. Apr. 15, 2016
    "I think that people who have obesity should know that it bad for their health and could kill them. if they like eating they should eat healthy foods."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 Jordan Mar. 10, 2016
    "Obesity is not a disease it is being lazy eating all day and not exercising"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 Lucy Mar. 7, 2016
    "No, it is simply not a disease! Obesity is something that you can get rid of easily with three magic words. Exercise, healthy diet, and a good doctor. It's someones choice not to do anything about there weight but whats not there choice is to be labeled something that inst correctly defined."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Ghull Mar. 13, 2017
      "Not really that easy because some people are broke and can't get doctors or buy the diet food or exercise people are always busy in the US school job and sometimes it's not there choose to be fat and chunky people are born like that sometimes because I have a brother going through the same s*** and there is a cure but most cannot have. he can't get that fat off for whatever he does made fun of so it is a disease and some people cannot handle?"
  • -2 +2 -4 savannah Jan. 15, 2016
    "It is not a disease and if you want there to be no obesity than we should lower the price on healthy foods.the healthy foods are more expensive than the junk food. It is not a disease it is a choice to eat bad."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 Millie Argon Dec. 1, 2015
    "Obesity may run through families, and have no effect on them. Some families are just biologically larger than others, and many family members live long healthy lives, only being different to other families by genes. If a skinny person walked up to you and called you sick because you're a little bit bigger than them, what would you do? It offends us who are obese and live with it like any other human being. Obesity is not a disease."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 anon Nov. 10, 2015
    "Obesity is not a disease. You can choose to be obese by not taking care of yourself or not watching what you eat. No one wants to deal with disease in their life, like cancer patients. If you're healthy and exercise, you can avoid obesity and some chances of disease. Comparing obesity to cancer is irrelevant."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +3 -5 hmm Sep. 16, 2015
    "Obesity is not a disease but rather a side effect of a disease."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +2 -4 Liem NGUYENVAN Mar. 1, 2015
    "As a pharmacist and biologist, I don't use the words like: think, belive, disagree, etc... but I am SURE and I CONFIRM that Obesity is not a disease.
    Because "energy can neither be created nor be destroyed" (1st law of thermodynamics). If your input of energy (as foods) is over your output (by physical, chemical and mental activities) your body will save the excess part of energy under the form of triglyceride (fat) in adipose tissue so your body weight will be increased. All others arguments are sophisticated!"
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +4 -6 anthony Jan. 22, 2015
    "I dont think it is a disease becuse we chose what we eat if its fast food or junk food then who ever eats that can possable be obese"
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +3 -6 Chim Feb. 27, 2015
    "Obesity is not a disease, because it is self-inflicted. it's YOUR choice to get obese. You don't need medicine to "cure" obesity. It's completely treatable without medical attention by a doctor."
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +5 -8 Ivy Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity is not a disease. A disease is something you catch, not something you are. Being obese is a life choice, and if it was a disease then the cure is to exercise. Saying obesity is a disease is just putting the blame on something else because you don't want to except the cold truth. So obesity is not a disease, but being obese can cause diseases."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 walt Jun. 25, 2015
      "You can't' catch an autoimmune disease, google is your friend, go look it up."
  • -3 +5 -8 C. Hall Nov. 7, 2014
    "Obesity, while being a massive health problem that can cause or help disease, is not a disease in itself. While most cases of obesity are caused by peoples` poor eating choices and lack of activity others tend to be genetic or mental issues. Most cases of obesity can be avoided by eating better foods or being more active rather than seeking treatment like an actual regular disease."
    1250 characters left
  • -5 +4 -9 eric Jan. 6, 2015
    "obesity is not a disease a disease is somthing you cant get rid of"
    1250 characters left
  • -7 +3 -10 Lindsey M. Nov. 11, 2013
    "Obesity is not a disease because obesity can be a medical conditon to where your body doesn't work like it is suppose to."
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