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Tasneem "Taz" Bhatia, MD Biography

Medical Director and Founder of the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine
Pro to the question "Is Obesity a Disease?"

“Obesity, like alcoholism, depression, and anxiety, is a disease. There are definite medical patterns: hormone imbalances, neurotransmitter deficiencies and nutritional exhaustion that all contribute to obesity. Many of my patients that are obese have underlying medical issues that need to be addressed.

I agree that there are behavior patterns that contribute to obesity, but these same behavior patterns are rooted in other biological factors. Stress, the standard American diet and the industrialization of food have all been blamed in the obesity epidemic. While all of these factors contribute to being obese, they also create critical biological imbalances that people cannot overcome, or do not have the tools or knowledge to understand how to change.

Diets and exercise regimens often fail simply because the underlying medical pathology has not been addressed. My approach is to evaluate a patient fully, including family history, exhaustive hormone evaluation, nutrient status, and life inventory to understand where to begin in treating this disease. There is no quick weight loss for the obese.”

Statement to Prevention Magazine, “Is Obesity a Disease? Prevention Experts Weigh In,”, June 2013

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