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Max Pemberton, MD Biography

Psychiatrist in the National Health Service (NHS)
Con to the question "Is Obesity a Disease?"

“Doctors should be required to tell patients a blunt truth: if you’re fat, eat less, exercise more, or both. And if you keep guzzling the tasty treats, you will die earlier. It’s not a disease, it’s a mindset — and that means it can be changed. We doctors need to be a little less understanding, a little more judgmental, and realise [sic] that our oath — ‘do no harm’ — must come before our desire to save the feelings of our patients. The truth can be the hardest drug to administer.”

“Obesity Is Not a Disease,”, Oct. 12, 2013

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  • Psychiatrist, National Health Service (NHS)
  • Columnist, Daily Telegraph
  • Columnist, Reader’s Digest
  • Columnist, Evening Standard
  • Contributor, Mail on Sunday
  • Patron, Coventry & Warwickshire Friend
  • Recipient, Medical Journalists Association Story of the Year Award, Summer 2013
  • Recipient, Medical Journalists Association Witty Writing Award, Winter 2012
  • Recipient, Public Educator of the Year, Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2010
  • Recipient, Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Morris Markowe Public Education prize, 2008
  • MD, University College London, date unknown
  • First Class Honours degree, Anthropology, University College London, date unknown
  • Max Pemberton is a pseudonym. His given first name is Alex. Last name remains private.
  • Based in London, England.
  • Twitter handle is @maxpemberton
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